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  Our Partners - Straight Forward Consulting LLC
Improve Supply Chain Excellence
Lean Manufacturing
Process Redesign
Continuous Improvement
Supply Chain Optimization
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  Extra Mile Transportation Partners with Straight Forward to Improve Supply Chain Excellence.

With the continued rising costs of fuel and commodities, Extra Mile Transportation has recognized the growing needs of customers to reduce costs all along the supply chain. With this in mind, Extra Mile Transportation is pleased to announce a partnership with Straight Forward. This partnership is designed to bring additional value to customers by providing additional capabilities in:

• Lean Manufacturing – Identifying and removing the wastes (there are 8 kinds!) in your operation.

• Process Redesign- Cut costs and improve your customer service by doing things faster, cheaper, easier.

• Continuous Improvement – A proven way to fix problems and sustain solutions.

• Supply Chain Optimization – Improving all aspects of plan-source-make-deliver from your suppliers’ suppliers to your customers’ customers.

This “one-stop shop” is designed for today’s small and medium sized businesses that don’t have staff resources to focus on taking their supply chain performance to the next level. With proven results across all areas of the supply chain, Straight-Forward is skilled at making an immediate impact to the bottom line.

Call 716.866.8958 or visit www.straight-forwardconsulting.com to learn how they can help you today!
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